Tesla update with Netflix, ‘Cuphead’ and Smart Summon is rolling out now

Tesla update with Netflix, ‘Cuphead’ and Smart Summon is rolling out now

You’ll be able to kick back and watch a movie or TV on a Model S, Model X, and Model 3 through the Tesla Theater. You can connect your Netflix, YouTube or Hulu account (including Live TV on the latter), or iQiyi and Tencent Video if you’re in China. You’ll only be able to use those via the screen while your car’s parked, and Tesla plans to add support for more streaming services down the line.

If you’d rather play games, Cuphead is making its way to Tesla Arcade at long last. You can play the devilishly difficult run-and-gun game with USB controllers in either solo or co-op mode, again while you’re parked.

When you’re on the road, you might want to listen to tunes and podcasts from a Spotify Premium account, and you’ll be able to do that through Tesla’s system too (Slacker Radio and TuneIn were already available). In China, Tesla’s adding support for Ximalaya’s podcast and audiobook service. That’s not all though, as there’s a “Caraoke” (groan) mode with a “massive library of music and song lyrics, with support for multiple languages,” Tesla says.

Where have you parked your Tesla?

But also, who cares?

Our Smart Summon feature means your car collects *you* from the parking lot. pic.twitter.com/boEtjJlY1V

— Tesla (@Tesla) September 26, 2019

Beyond the new entertainment options, Tesla is adding a number of other new features. If you have the enhanced autopilot or full self-driving option, you can use the Smart Summon function to make your car come to you, as long as it’s in your line of sight. You’ll have more control over your car from the mobile app in other ways: you might open and close your garage door with HomeLink, remotely control Model 3 and Model X windows or turn up the heat to defrost the cabin at max temperature.

Video captured while your car’s in sentry mode will be stored in a separate folder on your USB drive. The system will delete older clips to make way for new footage if your storage is running low.

You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to eat.

You trust the opinion of strangers, but you don’t want to talk to them.

With V10, your Tesla can direct you to the nearest highly rated places and the best food. You just need to say whether you’re feeling 🍀 or 😋. pic.twitter.com/KVayDPEAtu

— Tesla (@Tesla) September 26, 2019

If you’re looking for something to eat or do, navigation features called I’m Feeling Lucky and I’m Feeling Hungry can guide you to somewhere new within your car’s range. Tesla has updated its maps software to sort search results by distance. You can view business ratings, start a call or get directions to a place of interest with a tap.

Elsewhere, Tesla is opening up browser access on Model 3 standard range and standard range plus models, along with Spotify, TuneIn and Slacker Radio streaming (you’ll need to be parked and connected to WiFi though). The update includes UI and options changes, including reduced volume for certain alerts.

Tesla V10.0 just started rolling out to all US Tesla owners with FSD option & “advanced download” selected in vehicle software settings

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 26, 2019

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