What is the advertisement that users want to “get married”. LINE’s strategy to make ads a life solution

MAU 73 million, of which the DAU rate is surprising 84%, LINE continues to grow as the biggest platform in Japan with both name and fact. The company conducted a conference for corporate operators “LINE Biz-Solutions Day 2018 Spring” held on February 7.

In the session of various themes, the laboratory editorial board focused particularly on the future of the LINE advertisement business that Mr. Maki Utamura, executive officer advertising business strategy of LINE Corporation announced. The keyword that was taken up there is “CHANGE”.

How will you “CHANGE” digital advertisements in 2018, and in the future? Utamura to talk more about the contents of the conference.

Interview / Social Media Lab deputy
Text / Social Media Lab editorial division

Table of contents

  • profile
  • User-oriented business and advertising
  • Challenges of past advertisements ‘Advertisements are disgusting in the first place’
  • Advertisement as a life solution that is useful for users
  • Future prospects

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1. Profile

Executive Officer Advertising Business Strategy Officer

He worked as General Manager of Corporate Planning Office and Sales Strategy Planning Department at Corporate Planning Division, General Manager of iPhone Business Promotion Division at SoftBank Corporation, and at Advertising Business Administration and Brand Strategy Division in Japan and East Asia at Twitter Japan Corporation. AKQA Japan corporate representative, PwC Consulting Experience Center chief, etc., in-service. When I was enrolled at Hakuhodo, I won NY Festival AME Award, MAA The GLOBES Awards Gold Award, Marketing Asahi Award Grand Prize etc as a strategic planner.

2. User-oriented business and advertisement

It was after joining Google that I was involved in full-scale digital advertising itself. Google is a very user-oriented company as it is said even outside. It was around that time when I was engaged in sales strategy at that time, but I was able to achieve the goal a little more after sales were in December this year.

So I was asked to the test in the order of sales improvement, the results, click to certainly ads but occurs, the user of the withdrawal rate becomes overwhelmingly high, shorter residence time has become It was. Then it was immediately returned to the original specification.

That year was just the year of the Lehman shock, but the goal could not be achieved. Even though we could not achieve the goal, it was great that we were able to experience the business attitude of making a decision to snuggle close to the user.

After that, when there was a chance to join our company LINE, we decided to join our company because I was strongly drawn to the influence of that time, the attitude of doing business while also considering user merit first.

3. Issues of past advertisements ‘Advertisements are disastrous in the first place’

But I thought about this since I was at an advertising agency, but my product and my client are the cutest for advertisers. For example, “Are you (a user) a pretty girl who is not married?”

But by itself alone, does the other person (user) really want to get married? Even if it is told, it will not be so easy. Advertisers must first notice there.

It is not so if you do something irrelevant to your partner or do stupid things, you feel that the partner is interesting, and it was social buzz, so it will lead directly to your purchase.

In fact, for the partner, if you think that this person (advertiser) is a person who wants to get closer to you, the possibility that it will lead to purchase increases. Again, the relationship between users and companies should change so, I believe that LINE is the platform that can provide that relationship.

There are not many people who can think from the perspective of the bird’s eye viewpoint from the user’s perspective so-called holistically, including trout and shop front. The chasing number is KPI in a very narrow range. In the previous example, it is as if you are happy that the KPI achieved by measuring the laughter as an engagement. However, it is not good not only if it makes you laugh but it does not necessarily mean that it leads to the KGI of marriage.

I realize that the existence of advertisers ‘partners, users’ partners, companies that provide planning consulting, or the tools that are necessary for them, such as advertiser partners who are able to see the whole thing, not a narrow range, such people are very important doing.

4. Advertisement as a life solution that is useful for users

In other examples, this is also an example of utilizing Business Connect, but also “Diners Club” ‘s reservation. A service to inform Diners Club members only the membership information of a famous shop where sudden cancellation has entered, so-called “do not can information” by push notification.

This is a countermeasure against eating and drinking, and as a user side, there is a guide to a restaurant that you can not usually make a reservation. All information can be some sort of solution.

I will quote the word of Ajaz Ahmed (founder of AKQA’s digital agency).

“Marketing is nothing but pollution unless it inspires us and is useful, it is only poisoning our spirit. ”

In short, advertising is the only pollution as long as it is information that is not inspired by users or is not convenient. Conversely, communication between users and enterprises needs to be useful for users, and useful things become life solutions.

In order to become such an existence, it becomes necessary for the platform and the partner to understand deeply the problem of each industry and the user’s psychology at that time.