Uber returns to operate in Barcelona four years later with VTC licenses

Uber, the transport platform that connects users and drivers and has put the taxi sector on the warpath, will operate again in Barcelona starting at 08:00 this Tuesday with VTC licenses (car rental with driver professional).

Uber landed in Barcelona in April 2014 and withdrew from the city in December of that same year, after a judge ruled the Uber Pop application ceased, finding that his drivers lacked administrative authorization to carry out their work and that its activity supposed unfair competition.

Four years later, the company returns to the Catalan capital with uberX, the car rental service with a driver under VTC licenses with which it has been operating in Madrid for two years.

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The taxi drivers have already warned that they will not sit idly by on the return of the multinational and that they will once again mobilize to defend the interests of the sector.

“Barcelona is a very special city for Uber and this time we want to do things well, we believe that Uber can be part of the solution to the great mobility challenge of the city and we hope to work hand in hand with the City Council, the Generalitat and the sector of the taxi too, between all, get that every day more Barcelonians leave their car at home, “said in a statement the director of Uber in Spain, Juan Gallardo.

The platform ensures in the last three years has received thousands of messages from users interested in his return to Barcelona, wherein 2016 alone more than a million people opened the application to try to request a service.

Uber emphasizes that all its drivers have a vehicle with VTC authorization. It has also verified that the professionals are registered in the autonomous regime or constituted as a company, as well as their criminal records, the vehicle’s technical file and the validity of the insurance.

Uber’s vehicles will now be added to those of Cabify, the only platform that until now operated in Barcelona through VTC licenses.

The uberX service can be requested from any point in the city through the Uber application.

To start your trip, the user must enter their destination and indicate the pick-up point, which may correspond to their location or to any other indicated on the map. Next, the application shows the remaining minutes for the vehicle to arrive at the collection point, as well as all the driver’s information, the photo and the vehicle’s registration number and model.

The uberX price in Barcelona is determined by the minutes of the trip (0.16 euros per minute) and kilometers (1.42 euros per kilometer). The minimum rate is 5.5 euros, the same price as the cancellation fee.

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According to the company, the average uberX savings in Barcelona compared to traditional alternatives is 15% in the most common journeys and up to 20% in trips to the airport.

Uber is available in more than 600 cities in 78 countries and has 15,000 employees worldwide.

“There are more than three million active drivers around the world,” says the platform, which says that its arrival in the Catalan capital aims to “reduce the inefficient use of private vehicles, which are mainly responsible for pollution problems in large cities. cities. ”

“Uber does not want to replace public transport in Barcelona, it wants to complement it”, the company highlights.