Pixel 4 owners can arrange updates to install overnight

Pixel 4 owners can arrange updates to install overnight

Update: Ends Up that this isn’t new to the Pixel 4, and was actually first reported back in February by Android Cops In the hubbub of discovering new Pixel 4 functions, we conflated this one with that introduced on this phone. Our apologies!

The existing story, which uses to any phone running Play Service 15 or higher, is below.

Google’s most current Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL mobile phones include a variety of substantial hardware upgrades over their predecessors. In addition to the updated hardware, however, Google has actually likewise presented a bunch of brand-new software functions with the Pixel 4 series. A really beneficial brand-new function, which wasn’t in fact officially revealed by the business at its ‘Made by Google’ occasion yesterday, is the capability to schedule software application updates to install instantly overnight.

As can be seen in the screenshot here, the Pixel 4 adds a brand-new “Reboot after 2: 00 AM” alternative to install an upgrade. On older Pixel gadgets, we only see a “Restart” option that lets users reboot the gadget to set up a brand-new software application upgrade.

When you select the “Reboot after 2: 00 AM” choice, your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL will automatically install the software application update overnight. Needless to state, this brand-new addition will make it a lot easier for users to have the newest updates set up on their device. If you can not restart your phone when you receive a brand-new update notification, you can now just arrange it to restart and upgrade immediately over night.

Google Pixel 4

Google’s new Pixel 4 is, in numerous methods, an impressive upgrade over last year’s Pixel 3. It includes a smooth 90 Hz AMOLED panel that boasts a 90 Hz revitalize rate, a motion-sensing Soli chip that allows the face unlock and Movement Sense features, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, and a 12 MP 16 MP double video camera setup at the back. The phone also offers an enhanced Night Sight mode with an astrophotography mode along with live HDR sneak peeks.

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