Millions of Dell PCs Susceptible To Flaw In Pre-Installed Software

Millions of Dell PCs Susceptible To Flaw In Pre-Installed Software

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  • These things feature Windows pre-installed. That’s already malware.

    • So if one cleaned Windows from these PCs and installed either Linux or a BSD, would that still be a problem?

    • Um First believe i did was download windows from MS and re-installed windows clean. Far better then simply uninstalling because you don’t understand what may be remaining.

  • … however they firmly insisted that Dell’s sales group was appropriate with their ROI-numbers-pulled-from-nowhere in pre-imaging the makers for us. Nevermind the fact we have a PXE boot environment that’s quite much simple and easy to image and stage with. Yup, this sure saved us a great deal of support hours.

  • While this supplier need to have taken more care as their code is running raised, DLL hijacking on Windows is a headache, particularly because Windows can fill a bunch of DLLs into your procedure prior to any of your program code has actually even run, depending upon which imports your module states to the loader, and which imports those imports state, etc. There are numerous bandaids on top of the concern, however generally it’s just an awkward problem that numerous designers will not even know and in a lot of cases the finest you can do is try to harden against it.

  • Spyware referred to as Windows 10: 933 CVEs, of which 184 have score higher than 9

    Crapware referred to as SupportAssist: 4 CVEs, greatest rating 8.8

    What exactly are we discussing here?

  • You’re getting a Dell!! s-computer-dell-Akry6V17 RGH60

    • You’re getting Dell-eted!

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