Chargify includes earnings forecasting tools to its suite of hosted payment management services

Chargify, the payment management service owned by Scaleworks, has actually included revenue forecasting tools to its software as a service offering.

The company’s new income forecasting tools utilizes historic information and month-over-month performance pulled from a business’s billing platform.

The company states its brand-new tool can cut anticipating down from 2 months to as little as two minutes.

With a suite of billing and earnings management tools, Chargify already has a good window into previous performance. And the business hopes those forecasting tools can assist organisations benchmark their earnings development.

Using the new forecasting tool, business can pull standard metrics from historical growth and churn data taking a look at three, six or 12- month averages to comprehend how historical patterns could affect services, the business stated.

Beyond forecasting, the toolkit from San Antonio-based Chargify will save the forecasts and immediately set off benchmark tracking to real efficiency together with the standard forecast.

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