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Ice Brains Software Co., Ltd was founded in August 2005. We are located in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. 

Our site offers info and education that is sincere, thorough and frank. We promote high morals and offer you the plain reality about news and details, even if exactly what we state is not exactly what you wish to hear.

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We are focused on service and customer satisfaction. Our business models include pilot and ad hoc projects, repeat projects, and Offshore Development Centers. We are comfortable with a variety of approaches to pricing.

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We intend of keeping notified our online visitors about our items, services and that includes requirements, security, health and quality and basic news and occasions. We likewise look for to supply the site visitors with an extensive view of our business, programs and activities.

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Disperses a mix of its own brand name of nationwide and live basic news customized to audiences in private structures in addition to full-motion nationwide brand name ad campaign and social networks material.


Recognized faithful base, is due to its uncompromising technique to providing fresh, initial material to its audiences, with the help of cutting edge journalism most skilled news personnel. With variety being our crucial goal, we use news and details fit for everyone.

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Website material is arranged specializeds and locations of interest, making it possible for specialists to quickly and quickly gain access to the most recent news, updates, and skilled viewpoint relating to their specialized.

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Drug Test Warning: Products Like Cannabidiol Can Result in Failed Drug Screenings

If you have to take a drug test as part of a recruitment process you want to be certain of passing. But there are some legal products that can cause you to fail a drug test and put your job application in jeopardy. In this guide, we will explain what those products are, how they…

How to Make CBD Oil

Nourished Kitchen » Herbal Remedies » How to Make CBD OilPublished: May 12, 2020 · Modified: May 12, 2020 by Jenny Many people use CBD oil to reduce inflammation, soothe pain, or improve their body’s response to stress. And it’s super easy to make at home, too. Plus you can use healthy fats and you’ll…

The best adult control software for your household

Keep your kids safe with the best software for blocking explicit, disturbing, and illegal websites and apps. By Joseph Green2020-05-06 05:00:00 UTC We all have the best intentions when it comes to entertaining the kids, but it doesn't always work out like we hoped. Everyone starts out with bold plans for outdoor activities, craft exercises, board…

CBD Oil In The UK

— Please note:  CBD oil and it’s varying formularies are legal in a number of states in the US and in some international locations. Please check the laws in your state or region before making a purchase. This article is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness.…

‘Doom Eternal’ Will Drop Its Controversial Anti-Cheat Software

Hello and welcome to Replay, WIRED's rundown of all of the week's big videogame news. This week we've got updates from EA and G2A, and some details on that Doom Eternal anti-cheat software that pretty much no one liked. Let's dive right in.Doom Eternal Gains, Then Quickly Loses, Anti-Cheat SoftwareIf there's one thing PC gamers…

What Is CBD? What to Know Before You Buy

Despite the rise in popularity of CBD in the health and wellness industry over the past few years, there are still more questions than answers surrounding the product. It’s derived from cannabis, but it won’t get you high. It's advertised as a cure for all types of medical conditions, but there's only one CBD drug…

The Bizarre Case Of A Death Presumably Brought On By CBD Oil

Two days after trying a new CBD oil extract to treat her chronic pain, a 56-year-old woman developed an awful rash. Her primary care physician prescribed antihistamines and prednisone, a common steroid used to treat inflammation. She went home. The rash got worse. From a local emergency room, she went to a hospital burn unit.…

Apple and Google launch exposure alert API, allowing public health authorities to launch apps – TechCrunch

Apple and Google today provided the first public version of their exposure notice API, which was initially debuted as a joint contact-tracing software application tool. The partners later on relabelled it the Exposure Notice system to more properly show its...

The Best CBD Oil for Pain: Purchaser’s Guide 2020

Stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression… These are some conditions that many people are facing and are constantly looking for relief. In some cases, all of them are intertwined and can be unbearable. Often one is caused by the other. For example, chronic pain can be a result of stress and ultimately lead to anxiety or…

Exists any reason to consist of CBD in your skin care regimen?

Its zillion benefits make CBD one of the most wanted products in various industries. The skincare market was one of the first to introduce this ingredient because its anti-inflammatory properties can relieve many conditions. It’s exceptional for treating acne-prone skin, it reduces excess sebum process, and it can calm psoriasis symptoms. Because leading brands like…

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