Microsoft Is Putting the Sexy Into Unsexy Software

Microsoft Is Putting the Sexy Into Unsexy Software


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Microsoft Is Putting the Sexy Into Unsexy Software (



from the new-and-shiny dept.

Microsoft’s redesigned SharePoint platform is proof that Microsoft is serious about making their software more stylish. “It’s colorful, pretty, and makes SharePoint seem sexy instead of the boring corporate intranet website that most people associate it with,” writes The Verge’s Tom Warren, in response to Microsoft’s latest sizzle video all about SharePoint “innovations.” From the report: Microsoft’s video also contains the bubbles that form part of the new SharePoint logo — part of a broader revamp of the company’s Office icons that are rolling out right now. It also includes a bunch of Microsoft’s Fluent Design elements that form part of the company’s big push towards open design internally.

So why did Microsoft make such a flashy video for SharePoint? The company held a SharePoint conference earlier this week and launched a new SharePoint home sites feature. It’s a new landing site for a business’ intranet that combines news, events, content, video, and even conversations. SharePoint is used by businesses to encourage collaboration, and these new home sites look like a far more modern way to achieve that.

Warren notes that Microsoft’s newly unveiled Windows Terminal also had a sizzle video that promoted the new design.

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