Do you want to be a web developer? We give you some options

Companies look for professionals capable of putting them on the digital map. And the best thing is that you can improve your income by acquiring knowledge in this area. We tell you a little about the academic offer for this field.

Web development is an industry that grows at a great speed in all corners of the world. The guild of technologies and companies are constantly searching for qualified professionals to generate applications, pages, and digital projects with the aim of satisfying the demands of this market. If you are interested in being part of this workforce, we tell you how much you could earn and where you can learn.

Last year’s figures from the IT Observatory initiative of the Ministry of Information Technologies (MinTIC) and the Federation of Software and Related Information Technologies (FEDESOFT) show that the web development sector is growing as a foam. It increased 40% in sales compared to previous years. In addition, the average growth of the last six years has been 16.7% per year and there are 45,520 professionals in this area in January of this year (especially software developers and apps).

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This improves the representativeness of the companies to achieve an environment that allows them to be more competitive and establishes business networks to position the Colombian IT sector within international markets. Increasingly, multinationals are focusing on the Colombian human capital to carry out these tasks that 20 years ago did not see a great reception.

According to data from Hackin Stem of Microsoft Iberica, ” more than 50% of current jobs require technological skills, and experts say that the percentage will increase to 77% in less than a decade. New work roles are emerging and existing ones are changing to include new technologies. In this sense, programming and computer language are and will be the language of the future, “said project leader Ainhoa Marcos for

On the other hand, companies are adjusting to the demands of information technology. They are realizing that without applications or web pages they have much less success rate. In this connection, Felipe Jaramillo, president of Pro Colombia says that applications have changed the way they are doing business, “allows, for example, the company responds to customer traceability of business information instantly and analysis of data and more agile market to understand the consumption needs of customers. It also generates new commercial spaces “, since, with a cell phone or tablet, communication between company and client is much faster and more efficient.

But then, what should you do to start getting soaked in web development? First, you have to keep in mind that in order to learn to a programme you have to study what the different languages are and in which you would like to specialize. A good reference is the Tiobe Index, a monthly ranking that gathers which are the most popular languages. Its classification is based on the results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube or Baidu. At the top of the ranking is Java and JavaScript, which are the most used.

Good pay

In countries like Colombia, where digitalization is a reality but many do not have access to it, this profession increases their labor demand and only those who are prepared with the necessary tools will be able to compete in the professional market.

A survey conducted by ColombiaDev in 2016 on the Salaries of the Developers showed that the salary of these ranges between 1.5 and 5 million per month although it is emphasized that it is easier to have a better salary if you work for a foreign company, so the salary could amount to 10 million pesos. And so yes, English is fundamental.

And as a developer is able to design, plan, manage and develop the website as a marketing tool addressing the semantic and social web as well as the mobile web, the work opportunities are multiple. You can be a software developer, which implies a much broader scope of programming, web designer to create attractive, agile and creative pages, responsible for web projects, analyst, among others.

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The Tech Institute was inaugurated this week in Bogotá, Colombia, a program led by the Employment Agency Colsubsidio, Samsung and Claro por Colombia, where you can train in technological innovation with the aim of increasing your competitiveness among young people and adults and improve the employability opportunities of Colombians.

Through the platform ‘Capacítate para el Empleo’ and the Employment Agency located in Teusaquillo, students will be able to start their online course and then attend face-to-face classes completing 100 hours of study for 30 days.

César Muñoz, senior manager of Corporate Affairs at Samsung, told that “the Tech Institute is an important bet because we want to educate on issues of innovation, technologies and 21st-century skills to create opportunities to train for the future. We connect directly with the entrepreneurs and we give the opportunity to get a job quickly. ”

With no need for prerequisites and knowledge, the program teaches in a hybrid way how to develop applications for Ios and Android in languages such as javascript.

Other totally free online options are where you can learn about implementation of cookies and sessions in PHP, mobile application development, video game creation and where Universia and Telefónica make mass online courses available through an open platform without restrictions, conditions or schedules.