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British hacker Lauri Love wins appeal against his extradition to the US

The alleged British hacker Lauri Love, whose extradition is required by the United States for stealing official information from US agencies such as the FBI and NASA, won Monday an appeal to the High Court against his surrender to that country.

At a hearing in that court in London, two judges indicated that the appeal was granted and the petitioner “is free” from the extradition.

The United States is demanding Love, 32, of Asperger’s Syndrome for alleged cyber attacks in 2012 and 2013 – which could lead to sentences of up to 99 years in prison – in which the hacker would have subtracted confidential data from agencies such as the Federal Reserve, the US Army, the Department of Defense, NASA and the FBI.

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During a previous hearing in November 2017, Love’s defense argued that an extradition would not result in “best interests for justice” for a number of reasons.

Among these reasons were the “high risk” of the British, who in addition to the Asperger suffers from a depressive illness and severe eczema, get to commit suicide.

Love, who lives with her parents near the town of Newmarket in the English county of Suffolk, was in the hearing today to hear the judges’ decision.

In the ruling, the magistrates specified that they saw no reason why the hacker can not now be tried or prosecuted in the United Kingdom for the crimes for which he is accused.

“What is particularly important in the case is that the British judicial system has taken the position that we must deal with our problems ourselves, rather than accepting US requirements,” said a spokesman for Love’s defense Kaim Todner .

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Emma Norton, legal head of the Liberty Human Rights organization, told local media that in cases where there were illegal activities in the UK, suspects should be tried in the country, and “not sent to foreign courts before non-family judicial systems “.

“This is especially important in cases involving vulnerable people like Lauri Love,” added Emma, ​​who was pleased that the court recognized the vulnerability of the hacker as well as the “potentially catastrophic consequences” that her extradition would have caused.

Love’s father, the Rev. Alexander Love, has warned that his son “feared for his life” by not feeling able to face the trauma of being sent to the United States.

Porsche will increase the power of its first electric from the mobile

The head of connectivity of Porsche Ibérica, Iván Burgos, announced on Thursday in Fitur that the company will launch next year its first electric car, which will offer connectivity services such as the possibility of hiring 100 more CV of power for the motor from the mobile.

The electric and connected sports will offer services such as the “Future of Demands” (FOD, for its acronym in English), which allows to hire from the mobile 100 additional CV for the engine during the time that the client wishes, explained Burgos in a press conference for which the Goldcar rental company has given its facilities in Fitur.

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It will also offer other connectivity services such as remote diagnosis for the workshop, by which mechanics will be able to know what happens to the car before it has a breakdown.

This new model of Porsche will have 500 HP of power and 500 kilometers of autonomy and it will be possible to be charged in 15 minutes by means of a charger of 800 volts, “the double of what Tesla has at the moment”, has highlighted Burgos.

Porsche invests in the connected car
For the manufacture of this new model, Porsche has invested about 1,000 million euros to adapt its factory in Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart).

The German manufacturer expects a good reception in the Spanish market for its first electric car, despite having a “very small” market share, since in Spain “1,400,000 cars are sold per year and Porche can only manufacture 3,000”, Burgos has affirmed.

From the company have highlighted the investment of Porsche for the digitalization and the race to the connected car.

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In fact, they have affirmed that of the 3,000 cars sold throughout the past year in Spain, 80% were already connected to the internet.

The functions most demanded by Porsche customers are safety: “call if I have an accident, let us know if the car is going to break down, or that is protected if it is going to steal,” Burgos said.

In reference to this system of vehicle protection, Burgos has stressed that since they implemented it in 2015 they have managed to have a percentage of 0% vehicle theft and recover 100% of the stolen.

Apple agrees to buy Shazam app for $ 400 million

Apple said on Monday it had reached an agreement to buy the Shazam music recognition application, a deal valued at $ 400 million.

“We have big plans in mind, and we can not wait to get in touch with Shazam after approving this deal today,” Apple said in a statement, citing a “passion for discovering new music” as a common ground between the two companies.

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According to the website “Record”, the agreement announced by Apple should be subject to approval by the UK authorities because Shazam is based in the United Kingdom.

Sources aware of the deal have told TechCrunch that Apple will pay $ 400 million for Shazam, less than the $ 1 billion that the app was worth in 2015.

Despite its popularity, Shazam struggled to find a profitable business model. In 2016, the company reported revenue of $ 54 million.

Apple explained that Shazam, used by millions of people on different platforms, has been one of the most popular iOS apps since its launch on the App Store.

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Apple may include Shazam on Siri, the iOS artificial intelligence system, making it easier to find songs for iPhones and iPads users.

Apple Music, the company’s streaming platform founded by Steve Jobs, had 27 million subscribers this year, up from 60 million in Spotify, according to Fortune magazine.